Craig Bumgarner

Gypsy Guitars, One at a Time

Model Corazón....

Corazón is a near copy of the Joseph Dimauro Heart Hole guitar from the late 1940s.   Besides the iconic heart shaped sound hole, the body shape is Dimauro's own,  both wider and longer than Selmer with a higher waist all of which give a big body sound.  The bracing of this model is unique among gypsy guitar which is largely responsible for its strong voice, great projection and clarity.  This guitar offers the player a broad palette to work with.    Corazón is characterized as follows. 

  • Spruce top with genuine heat bent pliage
  • Bracing ala the Joseph Dimauro originals
  • Heart hole shaped sound hole
  • Laminated back and sides, usually with Birdseye maple.   
  • Molded arched back
  • 660mm Scale,  14 frets to the body
  • Butternut or mahogany neck, Rocklite Ebano fingerboard. 
  • Nickel Silver or Evo Gold frets
  • French polish,  polished varnish or satin finish
  • Miller enclosed tuners, brass or chrome plated.   
  • Custom CB tail piece, brass, nickel silver or stainless to match tuners. 
  • Center walnut reinforcement spline in neck. 
  • Dual action  truss rod
  • Side fret markers,  surface dots if desired, in the J. Dimauro pattern
  • Rosewood bridge in the Dimauro pattern, no mustaches per original
  • Argentine strings
  • CBumgarner logo branded in headstock
  • Hard shell case
  • Usually $4,050 plus shipping, exact pricing depends on options.