Craig Bumgarner

Gypsy Guitars, One at a Time

Model Derecho....

The Derecho evolved out of my study of Jacques Castelluccia's guitars of the 1950s.   With their warm, bell like tone, strong projection and iconic medium size D hole, these guitars occupy a unique spot among gypsy guitars, there really are no others like them.   My effort here is to capture the tonal characteristics of the J. Castelluccia guitars while making an instrument that will be more durable than the originals.    My Derecho is characterized with the following details: 

  • Spruce or cedar top with genuine heat bent pliage
  • Medium size D shape sound hole
  • Laminated back and sides with walnut or mahogany exterior veneers
  • Spherically arched back
  • 670 Scale,  14 frets to the body
  • Walnut, butternut  or mahogany neck, Rocklite Ebano fingerboard. 
  • Nickel Silver or Evo Gold frets
  • French polish,  polished varnish  or satin finish.  
  • Miller enclosed tuners and tailpiece, polished brass or chrome plated. 
  • Double action truss rod
  • Side fret markers, surface markers per request
  • Ebony , blackwood or Ebano bridge and moustaches 
  • Argentine strings
  • CB logo headstock
  • Hard shell case
  • Usually $3,975  plus shipping, exact pricing depending on options