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Olivier Kikteff (guitar) and Marian Badoi (accordion) sittin’ in with Michael Joseph Harris, Sami Arefin and Eddie Hrybyk of Ultrafaux at Germano’s in January.   Olivier is playing the August ’14 Derecho, Michael is playing one of my recent petite bouche guitars.

Olivier Kikteff of Les Doigts de l’Homme (R) and Michael Joseph Harris (L) selecting CB guitars for an evening show last week. Both of these guitars are currently available for sale.

This guitar has a Lutz top and Claro Walnut back and sides. The back is molded into an arched violin back shape.   Michael Joseph Harris of Ultrafaux played it at a performance last week and again during a shop visit this weekend. Thanks to Michael’s girlfriend Mellisa for the video.