Craig Bumgarner

Gypsy Guitars, One at a Time

Videos featuring Craig Bumgarner guitars

Michael Joseph Harris of Ultrafaux demonstrates three Bumgarner guitars which are handmade in Maryland USA. #1 is based on a Busato design. #2 is based on a Selmer #3 is based on a DiMauro

Matt Henry playing Bumgarner guitar #38 on the front porch.   Thanks Matt! 

Ken Allday (left) on his new Bumgarner guitar, #37, at Django in June 2017.   Adrian Holvarty (right) on his Bob Holo guitar.   

Michael Joseph Harris's student, 14 year old Samuel Farthing and Sami Arefin, guitarist from Ultrafaux, get an unexpected chance to jam with the one and only Stochelo Rosenberg before Ultrafaux played at Barbès in Brooklyn NY at the closing of Django agogo.   They are all playing Bumgarner guitars.   It is a bit confusing, Samuel (center) is playing Michael's Zazou.  Sami Arefin (left) is playing Samuel's Zazou and Stochelo is playing Sami's Corazón.    

Selecting CB guitars for Thursday's Ultrafaux show with Olivier Kikteff at Germano's, March, 2015.   Michael Joseph Harris (left) and Olivier Kikteff (right) playing Bumgarner Derechos.  Michael's is Lutz spruce top, Olivier's is cedar.   

Tommy Davy of playing a Bumgarner model Corazón

Tommy Davy of playing a Bumgarner model Corazón

Samuel Farthing and Matt Henry at Lotus Cafe, Solomons, MD, February 3rd, 2017. Sam, on the left, is playing his new Bumgarner Zazou with specially requested round soundhole and rosette patterned of Roger Chaput's Selmer #575. Matt is playing an unfinished Bumgarner petite bouche.